Do you make custom cakes?
Yes! That's pretty much all I do

How do I order a cake?

Either DM me on Instagram or email me at info@byclionyc.com 

Title the email with your name and the words CUSTOM CAKE. example “Clio CUSTOM CAKE”

There is a link in my bio with all custom cake details

Custom cakes MUST be ordered at minimum 1 week in advance or more! I get a lot of orders so it helps me the more in advance you order

Are your flavors seasonal?

I try to keep everything as seasonal as possible! If a cake request is out of season I'll do my best to accommodate

Do I need a reason to buy a cake like a birthday?

NO! Any reason is a good reason! Did you sleep a full night last night?

Buy a cake

Did you brush your teeth?

Buy a cake

Were you productive?

Buy  a cake

Did you look in the mirror and say “Slay the day”

Buy a cake

I see no issue here

Can I make a design request?

Sort of! I make up the design the moment I start frosting, I don't pre-plan anything. So we are both surprised! 

I will not copy another cake artists design. 

If you see a cake design I've done before I can repeat it. I prefer to stick to my own style as its taken me awhile to find my own voice in my cakes and would like to stick to my style of decorating. 

What size cakes do you make? And what’s the price range?

The price of the cake depends on the flavors and ingredients used so it varies

But on average:

6inch feeds 4-6 people $60 (sometimes 8)

8inch feeds 8-10 people $100-120

10inch feeds 10-12 people $135-150

¼ sheet tray feeds 15-20 $220-250

Cupcakes $6-7/each

Do you sell your cakes by the slice?

Yes! In store only. Prices vary between cakes and range from $7-$14/Slice. 

We do not deliver single cake slices

How should I store the cake?

In the fridge! Place the cake in the fridge as soon as you get home. You can either eat it right from the fridge or pull it out 40-60min before eating it. They taste best at room temperature 

How long does the cake last?

The cake lasts 3 days in the fridge, especially uncut. HOWEVER  the edible flowers will not! They will wilt after one day so to preserve the decoration its best to have the cake the day it's decorated.

We can also decorate with dried flowers if you aren't going to eat it the same day. 

How should I travel with the cake?

If you have a cooler with an ice pack preferably you can carry the cake in that.  But we do provide a bag in shop. The box is 10x10x10

I would take it straight home and put it in the fridge especially if it's hot out it might melt. And if you're able to hold the box straight so the decorations stay on :)

Can I get edible flowers on the cake?

Always! I alway add in flowers to the cost of the cake

Can you accommodate allergies? Gluten free? Dairy free? Vegan?

Dairy free YES

Gluten free YES

Vegan  YES

for other allergies concerns please let me know via email :)

Do you Deliver?

Yes! Delivery ranges from $20-60 depending where you are. We delivery in Manhattan up to 75th street (not passed) and most of Brooklyn

No deliveries Mondays and Saturdays 

When can I pick it up?

Depending on what day you wish to pick up I will give you a pickup window to come grab your cake

How do I pay for the cake? Do you take Venmo?

You will receive an invoice via email with a link in the email to pay for the cake. I do not take Venmo but prefer it if you pay via invoice. I'm able to put notes about your cake for you and me so it helps me stay organized


Do you do wedding cakes?

I am starting to! I’ll always be transparent about what I can  and cannot do. I will not copy another cake artist style. I strictly do cakes in my own style only. 

I do not work with Fondant, but I will use buttercream upon request. 

Still have a question that wasn't answered?
DM me on Instagram @byclionyc
Email me at info@byclionyc.com